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Here you can find a collection of background information on the topic of the platform, we consider useful.
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Youth Report 2015: The Council of Europe did a study on the Situation of young people in the European Union. Unfortunately no data from some Danube Region Countries - BiH, MD, UA - but a very valuable collection of data.

8 Key Competences of Life Long Learning: In December 2006 the European Parliament and the Council adopted the recommendation of Key Competences for Lifelong Learning. The idea behind this political initiative was to create educational strategies to build and to care for a competitive, knowledge-based economy and for much more social cohesion in Europe. Key Competences

Social Cohesion in the EU: As an expression of solidarity between the EU Member States and their regions, economic and social cohesion aims to achieve balanced socio-economic development throughout the EU. Economic and social cohesion is implemented through the cohesion policy of the EU. Every three years, the European Commission presents a report on progress made towards achieving economic and social cohesion and the part played in this by EU policies. More information

Within the Erasmus+ Youth Programme (and former Youth in Action Programme) resource centres on various topics (cultural diversity, inclusion, participation), on regions (EuroMed, EECA, SEE) and other support mechanism were developed. Further, you can find a broad list of (international) training opportunities on various topics.
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The Council of Europe provides very useful info packs and manuals to various topics, esp. on Democracy and Human Rights Education. 
Here a selection of topics:

Promoting Democracy and Human Rights Through Education

Compendium of Good Practice on Human Rights Education

Compass - Manual for Human Rights Education for Young People

Living Democracy Manuals