EUSDR Platform Meetings

1st Platform Meeting

From 15. - 17. December 2014 the first EUSDR Platform Meeting "Learning Pathways to Social Cohesion" took place in Vienna, Austria.
Around 65 actors active in formal and nonformal education met and exchanged on various topics. This 1st Platform Meeting can be seen as a first attempt to bring educators from different fields together in order to exchange, get new inspiration and get to know possibilites of cooperation and future projects.
1st EUSDR Platform Meeting - short summary (PDF, 290 KB)
1st EUSDR Platform Meeting - summary (PDF, 900 KB)
Participants List (xls, 123 KB)

2nd Platform Meeting

The 2nd Platform Meeting: "Learning Pathways to Social Cohesion: Synergies between Formal and Non Formal Education" took place from 17. - 19. May 2016 in Vienna, Austria.
This time, the content of the platform has been more focused: Participants, from both, the formal and non formal educational sector have been invited, who already did a cross sectoral education project. The main aim of this meeting next to exchanging, sharing and getting new project ideas, was to point the added value of cross sectoral cooperation. Workshops on various topics (>Digital Activism<, >Radicalisation/Extremism and Young People<, >Supporting Social Entrepreneurship of Young People<, >From practice to Policy change<) have also been offered.
A film team has been present and created a summarizing movie about the meeting, as well short movies with major outcomes of the working groups. Enjoy!

Programme (PDF, 700 KB)
2nd EUSDR Youth Platform Report (PDF 1,3 MB)
Workshop "Digital Activism" (PDF, 2,3 MB)
Workshop "Radicalisation/Extremism and Young People" (PDF, 1,1 MB)
Workshop "Supporting Social Entrepreneurship of Young People" (PDF, 620 KB)
Workshop "From Practice to Policy Change" (PDF, 500 KB)

Participants List (xls, 13KB)


Summarizing the Event (around 5 min)

Films from Working Groups (less than 1 min each)

Working Group 1 - "May Lifelong Learning Be With You"

Working Group 2 - "We Are better Together"

Working Group 3 - "Open Minded Generation"

Working Group 4 - " Education Will Never Be The Same"

Working Group 5 - "Creativity"

Working Group 6 - "Banane"