Youth Platform

In 2014 the Austrian National Agency for the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme together with the Hungarian National Agency and the Resource Centre of the Programme for the South East Europe Region SALTO SEE, found, that there is a strong need to better connect actors from the formal and non formal educational field. Give space, inspire and create an event for those, contributing to the educational pathway of young people in order to meet, exchange and reflect, were the first defined intentions.
Soon it was clear, that the programmes EU Strategy for the Danube Region and Erasmus+: Youth in Action perfectly serve this need with their funding possibilities. Shortly after, the platform was born - a platform which shall last (at least) till 2020 and aims at bringing together educators from non-formal and formal education to reflect on the role of education and learning for social cohesion.
Following aims and objectives have been elaborated: 


  • Contribution to the achievement of EU 2020 targets, in particular with regard to smart and inclusive growth
  • Contribution to the “Education and Training 2020” strategic framework and its four strategic objectives
  • Contribution to the improvement of labour markets and social inclusion in the region
  • To foster partnerships at the interface of education (formal and non-formal), training and Youth


  • Serve as meeting point between formal and non-formal learning institutions to share experiences
  • Share good practice projects of cross sectoral cooperation between formal and nonformal learning institutions
  • Foster sharing of ideas and project development and explore possible funding opportunities within Erasmus+ or the Danube Region Programme or other funding instruments

So far, two platform meetings took place. For further infomation please go to Resources